Magnetic Cat Eye Gel Polish

Beautilux Cat Eye Gel Polish cat eye gel nail polish, also named as tiger's eye gel polish, cat eye magnetic gel polish, magnetic uv gel nail polish, Chameleon cat eye gel nail polish.

P.S. 1. Cat eye gel polish #001-012 are  clear cat eye gel, also including 3D chameleon cat eye, with the special strong magnet pigment, can make different style with different skills, and magically the highlight lines changes when looking from different direction. It is a funny to apply and attractive to look. 

P.S. 2. Cat eye gel polish #013-024 are tiger eye gel polish, which can make wider line comparing with normal cat eye gel polish.

Beautilux always use high quality resin which is imported from U.S.A as the main material of gel polish,  this makes our gel with good leveling ability, good consistency, high pigment and long lasting durability.

Curing time: UV for 2 minutes, LED for 1 minute.

MOQ: 1kg/color in bulk,  24pcs/color for small bottles.