How To Find The Best Nail Shape For Your Hands?

How To Find The Best Nail Shape For Your Hands?

Square nails: nail front was a font, both sides made into a right angle. This A-shaped force more uniform, not easily broken, for the front-end nail work often white-collar girl.

Radial nails: nail front was a zigzag, on both sides of the arc into a repair. This shape of the nails more wear-resistant, not easily broken, and can make up for the long fingers and the joints obvious defects.

Round nails: nail front rounded, both sides of a straight line. This A-shaped is very feminine, exudes a mature charm everywhere.

Oval nail: from both sides to the fingertips are made into an oval shape. This A-shaped can highlight the gentle and elegant eastern women, more suitable for fat hands MM, can make their fingers look slender.

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